Educational Approach

Educational Approach

The field trips reflect the school’s focus of encouraging familiarity with geography, history, botany and zoology of the Judean region, with an emphasis on human activity in general and the nation of Israel in particular. The Field School’s activity is carried out in cooperation with the educational framework of the Society for Protection of Nature in Israel.


Tour routes incorporate historical sites, scenic views and vegetation, along with meetings with residents that present a close-up view of their lifestyle and their traditional and revitalized culture. Through these outings, the visitor gains familiarity with all facets of the region, along with the keen ability to sense its ancient roots.


Some of the routes include opportunities for independent exploration, which encourage visitors to become active partners in the learning process and offer the satisfaction of self-discovery and personal accomplishment.


Field School activities include:


Daily field trips for children and adults, soldiers and teachers, immigrants and tourists, university students and continuing education programs, throughout the Judean region

Two- to four-day educational camps for schoolchildren

Traveling camps in the Judean Desert

Creative activity at the “Man in the Mountain” Museum – traditional crafts workshops

“Gush Etzion Day” – a special campaign for schools and special groups

Summer retreats for adults

Hosting groups for special “weekend” Shabbat programs

Specialized seminars that encompass educational tours, lectures and classes on a range of topics: history, Judaism, science, archaeology, botany and zoology.


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