General Information
The Field School is located in the center of Kibbutz Kfar Etzion in the Judean Hills, on a hill that is a national water divide, some 20 km. south of Jerusalem. The field trip area reaches across the entire Judean region mountain, valley and desert including the city of Jerusalem and its surroundings. Tour routes extend from Jerusalem and Wadi Kelt in the north to the Arad valley in the south, and from the Judean Plain in the west to the Dead Sea valley in the east.

Educational Approach
The field trips reflect the school’s focus of encouraging familiarity with geography, history, botany and zoology of the Judean region, with an emphasis on human activity in general and the nation of Israel in particular. The Field School’s activity is carried out in cooperation with the educational framework of the Society for Protection of Nature in Israel.

What’s Happening at the Field School

The main programs of the Field School are guided outings for school groups in the entire Judean region, often in cooperation with the Society for the Preservation of Nature. We emphasize building a multi-year integrated program for schools that work with us on an annual basis

Tours and Activities
Field Days in Gush Etzion, Natural Springs in Gush Etzion, Through the Seasons, Vacation Activities for Youth, Tours in Jerusalem

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